Venture Capital

Hamasaki + Partners

The history of its namesake bears a committment to investing in profitable technology that advances exploration in oceanographic, aerospace and terrestrial knowledge with an exploratory mission.

Hamasaki + Partners collaborates with game-changing entrepreneurs to build market-transforming companies. Our partner companies have made 100 public offerings and more than 50 of our companies have achieved profitable M&A events.

As founders, operators and investors, we strive to be the best partners for entrepreneurs building breakthrough consumer and industry technologies. We create partnerships with tech entrepreneurs at the earliest stages of creation and support them as their companies grow and evolve.

Our Magellan Fund enables entrepreneurs to raise initial capital in a short amount of time while gaining access to the resources of the Hamasaki partnership. Modeled after Reid Hoffman’s angel investments, we partner with quality angel investors and micro VC’s to build a network of help for young companies. Magellan seed investments can be as small as $50k and as large as $500k.

With our intermediatary stage investments, we look to partner with standout entrepreneurs building innovative businesses. The Mayflower Fund is the best platform for to grow and scale such ventures. This includes passionate founders who have little more than a few presentation slides as well as those who have demonstrated some market traction. These investments are typically in the $2 million-to-$8 million range.

For enterprises with recently established profit growth for at least 3-5 years, the Columbus Fund provides visionary game-changers the confidence and capital to achieve industry-wide changes. This is an excellent  investment vehicle for ventures that have a long investment horizon and require significant starting capital. Funding starts from $10 million to $100 million, and we provide you access to all our capital offerings such as IPOs and private equity buyouts.

Hamasaki + Partners is proud to have been an investing partner for such endeavours amongst which are SolarCity, Tesla Motors, Wally Yachts, Acheron Project Pty Ltd, General Mills Electronics Group, EADS, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, SpaceX and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.