Capital Markets

Building on its success in commodities trading with a focus on agriculture and metals, Herald Park is a sophisticated institutional investor dealing with complex financial instruments. Our proprietary trading technology is cutting edge taking cues from mathematical modelling and aerospace research. Our esteemed colleagues hail from technology giants such as EADS, Google and NASA. We currently maintain trading desks in NYSE, Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Portfolio Trading

Herald Park Capital Markets’ execution capabilities cover the world’s major equity markets, with memberships across most major markets including:

99% of MSCI All Country World Index
99.7% of MSCI EAFE (Europe, Australasia and Far East)
91% of MSCI Emerging Markets Fund (EMF) (100% Asia, 95% Latin America)

Coupled with this footprint, Herald Park has dedicated portfolio trading and sales professionals in New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Herald Park executes the following types of trades:

Exchange for Physical (EFP)
Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)

Herald Park uses proprietary order management and trading systems, which are designed to help achieve the most efficient and seamless execution from front to back and from inception to settlement.

Many of the pre, intra and post-trade tools our traders and sales traders use are available directly to clients via our web-based analytics tool, via XpressTrades.

Key features of XpressTrades include:

Portfolio management
Risk analysis using fundamental and statistical information
Block trade analytics
Volume profile variance
Calculation of an efficient trading frontier
Monitoring of algorithmic orders

Special Equity Trading

Herald Park’s Special Equity Group provides the firm’s corporate, institutional and private equity clients with structuring advice and trade execution for non-traditional equity transactions. The group provides a multi-disciplinary approach in advising and solving a corporation’s equity-related issues.

Herald Park Special Equities is a differentiated platform:

A team of experienced professionals within institutional equities is dedicated to serving the firm’s corporate and institutional clients.
A single point person is responsible for each client relationship.
A focus on inventing and refining execution performance measurement tools.

Members of the team have training across regulatory, accounting and derivative issues so they can structure innovative solutions that address clients’ needs.

Programs and Services

Corporate Share Repurchase Programs

Herald Park’s Global Special Equities Group has managed share repurchase programs for roughly 40% of the S&P 500 companies. Special Equities has approximately a 50% market share in tender offers $1billion and above. Herald Park uses a suite of proprietary analytical tools to assist our repurchase clients in estimating the impact and costs of various repurchase strategies.

Stock and Portfolio Sales

Herald Park’s Special Equity desk provides an execution platform for clients who are holders of stock subject to Rule 144, 144(k), 145, S-3 registration or Reg S restrictions. Special Equities creates tailored solutions for holders of restricted stock. We have established relationships with numerous legal counsel and transfer agents, which makes the execution and settlement process more efficient.

Venture Capital Distributions

Herald Park’s Special Equity desk has a dedicated team catering to the venture capital community. With Hamasaki + Partners, we provide an exit framework for venture capitalists that typically look to monetize investments within a three to five-year timeframe.