Herald Park traces its history to its humble beginnings to a simple rice futures broker at the Dojima Rice Exchange in 1697 Edo, Japan. Intial success led to financing the burgeoning sake brewery industry producing legacy master brewers such as the Miyasaka Family that operates to this day.
Foreign trade with early Europeans expanded to the lucrative tea and spice trades in Southeast Asia. Trading missions were typically high-risk enterprises and Hamasaki & Co. was created as a merchant financing entity to manage such ventures that turned into an investment holding company.
In 1878, Hamasaki & Co. set up its first Swiss branch with partnership with the Banque Pasche in Zurich, serving Asian merchants in Europe. The success of Hamasaki & Co. led to a merger with Banco Medici who serves as private banker to prominent European families of the early 20th century.
The private banking and commercial finance of Banco Medici was spun out after 34 years to form a subsidiary under the leadership of Banque privée Edmond de Rothschild at 61 Stamford Street in London. During this time, the firm funded many research and development initiatives including the Turing Machine, Colombus and ENIAC. The firm was also patron of the Royal Ballet and the Royal Opera House. Most notable among its philanthropic contributions was the modernization and restoration of the Royal Albert Hall.
Reorganized as Gottfried & Sons in post-WWII Vienna, the company quickly gained traction from financing reconstruction projects in major European cities. As clients become more sophisticated, the company merged with several investment houses to form Harald, Siegmund and Salomon, a boutique investment bank with headquarters in Zurich. Success in commodities trading and leveraged buyout business in the 1980s led to a massive employee-buyback resulting into the employee-owned Herald Park Capital Management of today.
The firm’s namesake is taken after the beautiful lush green grounds of Herald Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada where the company hosts its traditional staff and family holiday retreat.